Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible for an Elderly Loved One

By Tom Lee, 9:42 am on

When it comes to senior care, nothing matters more than the comfort of your loved one. If you help care for a senior loved one in your own home, you may know that sometimes making your house as comfortable as possible can be a challenge. Your home may be suited just fine for you and your family, but for your senior, it may present its obstacles. Fortunately, there are several things you can do around your home to help make it more accessible and secure for your senior!

The Exterior

Consider installing a no-step entry way if your home does not already have one! What this means is that from the sidewalk, up the driveway, to the front door – there is no step to enter the house. This makes entering and leaving the home much easier if your senior has difficulty with mobility or is in a wheelchair.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, a space that should be comfortable for your senior since much time is spent there, install grab bars and handles above the toilet and in the shower. This will help your senior raise and lower themselves in a safe manner. You can also consider installing an elevated toilet that will make it easier to get up from, or a roll-in shower that is simpler to get in and out of. If you have a shower with enough room, you can also put in a chair if standing is harder for your senior.

The Bedroom

The bedroom – another room where time is spent often that should feel safe and comfortable. Here, think about using roller light switches instead of the traditional flip switch. It is much easier to handle and use for your senior! Also leave plenty of room for your senior to maneuver in the room in general, and add additional shelving units that are easily reachable.

The Kitchen

Make your kitchen more in tune with senior care by having varying countertop heights and lowering cooking services. This can save your senior back pain, especially if they love to cook! If you have a mounted microwave, make sure it is at a reachable height.

Would you like further advice on making your home senior-safe for your loved one? If so, Home Care Assistance is here to help. Please give our experts a call today and schedule your consultation.

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