6 Natural Treatments for Alleviating a Senior’s Sore Throat

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Home Remedies for Elders Throat in Burlington, VT

A sore throat can cause great discomfort for a senior and may even be a sign of a deeper underlying medical problem. If the problem persists, make sure to contact your aging loved one’s doctor. In the meantime, Burlington, VT, senior home care experts recommend encouraging your loved one to try some natural remedies.

1. Gargle Salt Water

One of the things you might encourage your loved one to do is gargle with salt water. Try combining 1/2 teaspoon of salt per 8 ounces of water. Then, have your loved one gargle with this solution.

2. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people claim apple cider vinegar helps ease a sore throat. Your loved one can try drinking a small amount by itself or combining it with water and honey for a more palatable drink. 

3. Eat Warm Chicken Soup

Though your loved one may not feel like eating much because it hurts every time he or she swallows, encourage him or her to eat just a little chicken soup. There is a nutrient in chicken that acts to naturally stop inflammation. The warm broth can also help ease the pain. 

4. Drink Hot Tea

Encourage your loved one to drink some hot tea. This is especially a great idea if you add some spearmint, licorice root, or marshmallow because all three herbs help soothe a sore throat. 

5. Suck on Ice Chips

Another effective way for your loved one to stop a sore throat may be to suck on ice chips. The cold can help stop the pain. If your loved one’s throat is swollen, the ice may help stop the swelling. 

6. Inhale Essential Oils

Inhaling essential oils can be a good way to stop a sore throat. Some of the best essential oils to inhale are thyme, clove, and oregano. A quick way to help your loved one inhale these oils is to put a few drops on his or her clean hands and then encourage him or her to bring the hands near the face and breathe deep. 

Sore throats are just one of many ailments seniors can experience. To learn more about senior health and wellness and how to prevent common illnesses in the elderly, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of live-in and respite care Burlington seniors can count on, and our caregivers are available 24/7 to assist with meal prep, medication reminders, transportation, and much more. Call (802) 231-0415 today to learn more and speak with one of our knowledgeable Care Managers.

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