Cooking Classes in Burlington, VT, for Seniors

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Cooking Classes in Burlington, VT

In-home caregivers in Burlington, Vermont, may suggest that their seniors take some cooking classes to boost overall wellbeing. Seniors often enjoy these classes because many end with a fantastic meal. They allow seniors to interact with others who are interested in food, and seniors may even pick up some cooking tips that they can use to help prepare meals at home. If your senior loved one is interested, then consider these local cooking classes.

Essex Resort and Spa

Seniors can take classes at Essex Resort and Spa in Burlington. One of the most popular classes is the World Class Cuisine class where participants work together to create a full meal. Participants are then able to share the meal toward the end of the three-hour course. Other seniors enjoy taking the semi hands-on classes where they get to do two or three things during the class that they can share with their Burlington, VT, in-home care professionals when they go home.

Healthy Living Market and Cafe

Healthy Living offers a variety of classes for all different cooking levels. Many of the classes are designed for an adult and a child, so this may be a great option for elderly parents or grandparents to try with their kids or grandchildren. Other classes are designed specifically for adults. Check out the constantly changing schedule to find classes that would interest your senior loved one.


Cookbook author Bronwyn Jones Dunne offers in-home cooking classes for one to four people. These classes can occur in her home or in the senior’s home. Seniors can choose from a variety of cuisines including Middle-Eastern, Italian, American and French. Recipes rely on local ingredients whenever possible.

Vermont Wine School

Students can take a series of eight classes at Burlington Country Club taught by the Vermont Wine School. During these classes, seniors will learn about wines from around the world along with sampling five or six wines. At the end of the course, students will be given the option to take a test to become Wine and Spirit Education Trust certified.

Seniors can enjoy a variety of cooking classes in the Burlington, Vermont, area. Consider what classes meet your seniors needs the best and encourage him or her to register. Alternatively, you could turn to Home Care Assistance to hire a highly trained live-in or hourly caregiver in Burlington to prepare nutritious meals for your loved one. In addition to preparing meals, we offer clients assistance with various tasks including housekeeping and grocery shopping. Learn more when you call (802) 231-0415 today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a trusted Care Manager.

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