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Enosburg Falls, VT

Learn About Our Quality Senior Care Services in Enosburg Falls, VT

Did you know? Enosburg Falls is a village inside of Enosburgh chartered in 1780. Here you will find plenty of agriculture and farmland, with your quintessential small town “Main Street.” You’ll also enjoy activities taking place at the Mississquoi River and the Bridge of Flowers and Light.

Through holistic senior care services, Home Care Assistance can help your loved one appreciate all Enosburg Falls has to offer in the comfort and security of their own home.

Home Care Assistance provided your loved one with the quality senior care services they need, right in the Enosburg Falls area. We make it our mission to offer seniors the complete support they need to enjoy life at home, happily, healthily, and with purpose.

Our senior care services are not just your standard plans and options – We also offer the capability to create a completely customized senior care plan that is built to your senior’s health and wellness needs. After that, we select a specific caregiver who will match the training and experience needed to best serve your loved one. This is to give your senior the most benefit based on the care and services they need.

Being able to match your senior with one of our caregivers is of the utmost importance to us here at Home Care Assistance. To be able to do this, we take precarious measures to hire the most qualified caregivers possible. Each caregiver undergoes a thorough interview, background check, reference check, and a psychological examination to ensure that are fit to give the senior care needed.

We are so committed to providing you with the best service that we only hire 1 out of 25 applicants, and each of our caregivers is bonded and insured.

The best part?

Our senior care services can be all provided on an hourly basis, which can be flexible according to your loved one’s schedule. Or, we also offer 24/7 care for seniors who need more comprehensive, around-the-clock care.

Some of the specialized services that we offer here in Enosburg Falls, VT include:

Alzheimer’s Care. This type of care supports and enables seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common type of dementia, and works to improve their lives.

Stroke Care. If your loved one is recovering from a stroke, this type of senior care will help them recover to the best of their ability. 

Parkinson’s Care. Parkinson’s Disease is debilitating and requires special care, so our services are tailored to meet your senior’s unique needs and challenges.

Hospice Care. Hospice care is a great senior care option for those who are enduring a limited life expectancy. We provide the support and comfort needed through this process.

Post Hospital Care. After your loved one returns from a hospital stay, we help them make a full recovery.

To start getting better senior care, book a free consultation with Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington.

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