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Quality Home Care Options in Charlotte, VT

Chartered in 1762, Charlotte Vermont is a town rich with history and natural beauty. The town is home to a large network of farms and forests cradled in the Champlain Valley — a region known for its stunning landscapes and agricultural productivity. Charlotte residents enjoy a quiet, peaceful lifestyle, surrounded by sugarbushes, orchards, dairies, berry farms, a winery, market gardens, livestock operations, honey houses, and community supported agriculture. There’s a fantastic community in Charlotte, VT; let’s make sure your senior loved one maintain their lifestyle there!

Home Care Assistance in Charlotte, VT is committed to helping older residents maintain an active, independent lifestyle for as long as possible. Our approach to home care is a holistic one, meaning we take care of the whole person and all their physical, mental, emotional, and social needs.

With us, your loved one can enjoy an active life while aging, boost their overall well-being, and remain engaged in the Charlotte community. We personalize each care plan, avoiding the “one size fits all” approach in favor of care that is focused on the unique needs of each client.

In order to provide exceptional home care to all our clients, we offer a wide variety of services and programs. These include assistance with daily needs such as personal hygiene, meal planning and preparation, housekeeping and laundry, running errands, transportation, and more.

All our services can be provided on an hourly basis, so you can plan your loved one’s care according to your schedule. We also offer 24-hour care for seniors who need support around-the-clock.

Home Care Assistance in Charlotte, VT specialized services include…

Alzheimer’s Care focuses on supporting and enabling seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease — the most common type of dementia.

Stroke Care can help your loved one get back on their feet following a stroke.

Parkinson’s Care is a program tailored to meet the unique needs of a Parkinson’s diagnosis and enables clients to work through challenges.

Hospice Care helps older adults and their families as they cope with a terminal prognosis, providing support and comfort every step of the way.

Post Hospital Care can help your loved one make a full recovery after a hospital stay.

If someone you love is in need of our services, give us a call today at (802) 231-0415 or request our free home care information to learn more about how we can improve your loved one’s life.

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