Senior Care Guides

How To Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer's

We all lose our keys and forget where we put our reading glasses as we get older. It’s normal. It’s also not uncommon to occasionally forget a date or appointment, remembering it later.

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Stroke Care and Recovery Guide

Regardless of the severity of your stroke, it is critical to take a proactive and informed approach to your stroke care. Learn more in our complete guide to stroke recovery!

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Transitional Care Guide

As the leading experts in post-hospitalization care, we developed this guide to provide an overview of the challenges and resources associated with each step in the transition from hospital to home.

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Palliative Care Guide: Promoting Comfort and Peace of Mind

When it comes to end-of-life care, a little support can make all the difference. Here’s how Home Care Assistance supports you, your family and your loved one!

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Understanding Your Home Care Options

At Home Care Assistance, we are committed to the wellbeing and happiness of the many clients we are privileged to serve.

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Post-Surgery Home Care Nutrition

If your senior loved one is recovering from recent surgery, our guide provides a home care diet with foods that will help them regain strength, promote healing and speed up recovery.

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Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care Guide

Dementia is one of the leading causes of disability and dependency among older adults worldwide, affecting an estimated 35.6 million people with 7.7 million new cases every year.

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Longevity and Home Care: A Guide to Living Well at Home

We know most people would prefer to “age in place”, or to stay in their homes, rather than move to a care facility, even if they need a little extra help.

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Social Distnancing for Seniors

In a world where social distancing and shelter-inplace orders are the new norm, now, more than ever, it’s imperative that we do whatever we can to reduce isolation among the seniors we serve…and that we care about deeply.

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